You are crazy not to experience BootCamp! As a fitness drop-out I was facing my 60’s looking like the typical out of shape American. What to do to jump start my way back to being healthy? BootCamp with Laura! The classes are personalized, you never feel abandoned, and all levels are carefully watched by Laura ALL THE TIME. She knows what everyone is doing, pays attention to everyone’s little bumps in the road and expertly increases the level of training with every session. I 100% recommend training with Laura. She lives what she believes.

~Roseanne Shegirian

I started boot camp about two years ago. I have tried gyms, walking and exercise classes and would go for a few times and then stop. That was not the case with boot camp. It is always different and nothing compares to working out outside. I am not a morning person but have no problem getting up at 5 am three days a week. I feel more energetic on boot camp days.Laura is a fantastic trainer. No matter what level you are, she adapts the program to fit your needs.

~Melissa Mednick

I rarely exercised because I was bored going to the gym and could not motivate myself at home. I also like to be outdoors. A friend recommended Laura’s Adventure Boot Camp which is held 3 mornings a week – outdoors. I absolutely enjoy this experience. Laura combines the right balance of exercises in each session, and pushes us to our limit. She is high motivated and brings out the best in me when I’m there. She is also flexible working around life’s aches and pains – giving me indiviual treatment when needed. I have been going for almost 5 years now, and I feel so much better on the days of camp.

~Diana Briganti

I have been going to the 5:30 Monday/Wednesday/Friday Bootcamp for over two years. Bootcamp has given me a confidence that I never had before. While I have always loved working out, I have found a love for doing so outdoors. I love the challenges that Laura gives me each time. She is so encouraging and motivating. Whatever the weather it is so worth it. There is such a feeling of accomplishment to finish a Bootcamp session in the rain, cold, and sometimes even snow! I believe because of Bootcamp I was able to become a fit strong athlete that has run in 2 half marathons, and even the New York Marathon last November. I can’t say enough good things about Bootcamp and Laura.

~Mary Britto

I began working out with Laura’s bootcamp in October of 2010. Over a year later, I can’t believe how far I’ve come and can’t imagine quitting. I’ve never been very athletic, and it is a stunning experience to discover my “inner-athlete” in my mid-40s! Despite problems with my knees and occasional shoulder issues, Laura never fails to adapt the day’s workout to accommodate my problems and give me a great workout. Not once have I left a workout feeling demoralized or thinking, “I’ll never do THAT again.” The other campers are non-judgmental and always encouraging. Beyond the incredible changes I’ve seen in my body, are the changes I’ve experienced in my mind – I am more confident, happier, calmer, and sleep better, too. Thank you, Laura!

~Mary Majewski

When our 14 year old said she wanted get up at 4:45, travel 25 minutes to workout before school for 1 hour, outdoors with Laura at bootcamp, we were thrilled but a little skeptical. Nevertheless, she has stuck with it, loves it, works hard and still had the energy to smile at 11:00pm. We feel this says a lot about bootcamp but especially about Laura! Words can’t express our gratitude to her for all she has done for our daughter. Boot camp has just been the icing on the cake. Through patience, hard work and gentle motivation, Laura has helped our daughter transformed not only the way she looks at herself but most importantly the way she FEELS about herself. Being, feeling and staying healthy!

~L B Chavez